APCC Annual Awards

Get the recognition you and your clients deserve with the annual APCC awards

Increase your credibility and showcase your clients’ commitment to communication. Our annual awards bring prestige and recognition to those who receive them and gratitude to those who nominate a winner. The plaques and bragging rights for these awards are well worth the short time and small effort that submitting a nomination requires.

Here’s how Betsy Frick, winner of the 2011 APCC Award for Training, responded to the award announcement and immediately shared the recognition with the people she trains.

This award makes my year of hard work on this training program even
more worthwhile. The people I’ve worked with and the participants are
happy too. We had 8 sessions scheduled for 2012, and I placed a note on
the handout cover about the APCC award.

Download 2013 APCC Nomination Form

Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself or your own work. Most of us work alone and no one else may know what we’re accomplishing; therefore, self-nominations are encouraged.

You, a fellow member, or a client may be eligible for one of these awards:

For Members

  • Excellence in Writing
  • Excellence in Training
  • Excellence in Electronic Media

For Clients

  • Honor Roll of Excellence in Communication

View Descriptions of the Award Categories

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