About APCC

Founded in 1982, the Association of Professional Communication Consultants (APCC) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping new consultants enter the communication consulting profession and helping experienced consultants enhance and grow their businesses. To do so, the organization provides:

  • Tools and resources for improving consulting skills and practice
  • Opportunities for members to learn from each other and from experts in related fields
  • Opportunities for members to promote and market their services
  • A central location for businesses to search for communication consultants

As a member of APCC, you will:

  • Have an outlet for marketing your services using this web site: publishing and promotion opportunities, a searchable consultant directory, and a link to your own web site
  • Be able to participate in Consulting Excellence tele-seminars on topics that will enhance your communication consulting practice
  • Be able to participate in an email discussion list where you can ask consulting-related questions and get immediate help from a community of generous colleagues
  • Have the opportunity to attend APCC consulting institutes
  • Receive up-to-date news on publishing and professional development opportunities offered by other organizations of interest to you
  • Have the opportunity to earn awards for your best-performing clients and for your own work as a trainer, consultant, or writer
  • Have online access to business tools and resources, such as sample contracts, proposals, and APCC’s Code of Ethics
  • Have the pleasure of belonging to an active, vibrant professional organization that values the work you do as a communication consultant

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