These blogs written by former members of APCC have useful content about communication,  communication consulting, or business.

Jay Johnson—
Description: WorldLink’s blog discusses persuasive messaging, marketing, social media, health communication, and happenings in Southeast Michigan.

David Grossman—

Ann Gordon—
Description: Tips and pointers for tightening your writing, both fiction and nonfiction.

Laura Brown—
Description: In this blog I’ll share with you some of the insights from my 25 years as a writer and writing coach. I’ll answer your writing-related questions and offer tips to make your writing tasks easier. We’ll look at ways to solve writing problems, examine trends in communication, answer questions about grammar and punctuation, and explore resources that can make you a more confident and competent writer.

Garth von Buchholz—

Daniel Leyes—
Description: Speaking in the Semiosphere features brief original entries about different aspects of Communication and Public Speaking from a semiotic perspective sans the jargon.

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