Why Hire a Communications Consultant?

Let APCC help your business Find A Communication Consultant.

From Lee Clark Johns and Marty Nord, Past Presidents of APCC

We’ve asked dozens of clients why they hired us as communication consultants. Their answers reveal a range of communication needs requiring professional help:

  • Hearing customers complain about unclear instructions and poor service.
  • Losing contracts because of ineffective proposals or oral presentations.
  • Fostering poor relationships because of misunderstandings or distance.
  • Abusing e-mail.
  • Sensing inefficiency or inappropriateness in written and oral communication.

Each client linked effective communication to improving their business— increased productivity (doing more in less time), improved perceptions (changing the way employees or customers relate to and value the business and each other), and strengthened performance (getting better results—either for the organization or for an individual).

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