2009 Award Winner

Jay Johnson, Partner at WorldLink Communications, wins the 2009 APCC Excellence in Training Award

Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson, Partner at WorldLink Communications has won the 2009 APCC Excellence in Training Award. Jay served as the lead trainer for a team that provided public presentation and debate/argumentation training to high school age students enrolled in Sunday classes at the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit (IAGD).

IAGD is a Muslim faith-based organization that offers supplemental instruction on a variety of subjects to high schools students of parent members. Most IAGD students are first generation Americans, and receive limited input and advice from parents and extended family on interacting and communicating with other students. WorldLink was hired to improve student skills in two key areas: 1) public presentation and speaking, and 2) argumentation and verbal conflict resolution.

The culmination of the year-long training was two competitive speech events immediately before graduation. The first event was a series of speeches presented to the IAGD community. Members and directors evaluated the presentations and presented awards accordingly. The second event was a public speaking competition with other local faith-based community centers.

Said Dr. Muhammad Sohail Ahmed, of IAGD, in his nomination of Jay:

”Jay and WorldLink have worked with IAGD students for the past two years, and we could not be more pleased with the results of their efforts. Their work has helped our students become more outgoing in their public high schools, and this interaction with non-ethnic students has helped to break down some of the stereotypes that children in the Muslim community face each day. Additionally, the communication skills that our students have acquired have helped move several of them from classroom observers to participants and from participants to leaders.”

“IAGD is very pleased to have a continuing working relationship with Jay Johnson and WorldLink Communications. Since hiring them to support our education efforts, we have contracted them to provide speech training to our adult community members, and also conduct career development training to a large percentage of our membership caught in the recent economic downturn.”

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