2008 Award Winner

Congratulations to APCC 2008 Award Winner, Annetta Cheek

Anita Cheek

Consulting Success proudly presents the 2008 APCC Honor Roll of Excellence Award to Annetta Cheek for her 20 years’ commitment to the cause of plain language and the incredible energy she has devoted this year to passage of the Plain Language in Government Communications Act of 2007.  No person or organization has worked harder—over a sustained time period—to promote effective communication in the workplace.

First as the chief architect of the Clinton administration’s executive memorandum on plain language, then as special assistant to the director of the FAA responsible for plain language issues throughout the federal government and now, in retirement, as volunteer chair of the Center for Plain Language—Annetta has been the constant champion for the cause. In the 2007–2008 Congressional session, Annetta has achieved the following progress in getting governmentwide plain language legislation passed:

  • Wrote the initial bill to launch work with interested members of the House of Representatives
  • Found primary sponsors in the House and the Senate for such legislation
  • Rewrote the House bill to match suggestions of House staff
  • Lined up additional sponsors and support from outside organizations (including APCC)
  • Testified before House subcommittee
  • Achieved passage of House version, with only one nay vote
  • Worked with staff on wording of the Senate version
  • Monitored progress and marshaled support for Senate version
  • Rallied troops to convince Utah senator to drop his hold on the Senate bill so that it could move to a vote

We do not know whether the bill will pass during this Congressional session because one senator has blocked it from reaching a vote. However, that status does not negate the energy, wisdom, hard work, and commitment Annetta has displayed to make plain language a legal requirement for United States federal government documents. Her work benefits citizens, businesses, and consultants. We are honored to list Annetta Cheek on the APCC Honor Roll of Excellence.

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