2005 Award Winners

Congratulations to APCC 2005 Award Winners

Consulting Success has the pleasure of announcing the 2005 APCC Awards recipients. This year the organization is recognizing members for their contributions in writing and service, as well as an outstanding client for their commitment to effective communication.

  1. Ken Davis

    This year’s Excellence in Writing Award goes to Ken Davis for his new book, The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Business Writing and Communication. This book draws on Ken’s three decades of corporate consulting and training, with examples from actual corporate situations and the writing they led to.

    The book’s premise is that “writing is a process that can be managed like any other business process. If you can manage people, money, or time—then you can manage your writing.” Ken’s clear advice and instructions can be used by individuals, as well as in-house training and corporate universities. By passing an online exam, readers can receive a certificate of completion.

    According to one reader who posted a review on Amazon.com:

    Although this book is very readable (written in a casual, direct, and often humorous style), you wouldn’t want to just read it, because it’s designed to be used. The organization is great for actually applying what each chapter teaches: testing yourself on what you’ve learned and, most importantly, practicing new approaches to writing. If you’re serious about becoming a better writer on-the-job, then this book can teach you how to do that.

    The author has great examples and his “manage your writing today” sections are practical and creative and easy to apply. You just need to follow the instructions.

    Because, as the reviewer says, Ken’s book is “practical and creative and easy to apply,” this year it serves as APCC’s model of Excellence in Writing.

    Congratulations, Ken.

  2. For her high-quality work in serving the organization, this year the APCC President’s Service Award goes to Cindy King. Over the past year, Cindy has coordinated the following activities for APCC:

    • Organized and facilitated three online forum activities
    • Participated actively in the discussion, explaining perspectives, raising concerns, and prompting others to address questions and issues
    • Assisted Gary May in setting up the latest forum on the elements of practice, staying involved in the early discussions, providing a theoretical rationale for naming it as “elements,” and facilitating other transition activities
    • Initiated and facilitated the online book discussion in fall 2004 to offer some variety to the format of the online forum
    • Took over the web manager tasks (overlapping with the duties listed above)
      • Refined the system so that content providers would use the forms to indicate their revisions and updates
      • Revised requests for contributions and announcements about updates
      • Oversaw web site revisions based on board recommendations during the spring meeting
      • Carried on the positive working relationship with the web master and his assistant
      • Responded quickly to questions and/or problems with the site
      • Currently working to improve the interface of the consultant’s database
    • Offered moral support and technical support to Mary Vielhaber while she made the transition to membership chair and began addressing technical issues with the membership database.

    Clearly, Cindy’s contributions have met and exceeded the usual high standards of the communication professionals in our organization, and it is with great pleasure that we acknowledge her dedication with this award.

  3. This year’s client award goes to Seattle Public Utilities, nominated by Anita Salem for inclusion in the “Honor Roll of Excellence.” Seattle Public Utilities’ on-going commitment to communication theory and practice has resulted in better customer service and an infusion of communication practices into the organization’s underlying structure. What distinguishes Seattle Public Utilities is their commitment to customer service, performance measurements, and citizen input—all of which are realized through user-based communications research.

    As a public utility, Seattle Public Utilities provides a wide array of information to the residents of Seattle and government agencies. Demonstrating their commitment to high quality communications over several years, Seattle Public Utilities has invested time, money, and effort to:

      • designing a web site for service information
      • sponsoring a water conservation web site
      • designing Maps and GIS information systems
      • analyzing emergency management needs

    To accomplish these goals, Seattle Public Utilities first employs a variety of communication research activities that help employees design systems that are easy to use. Their processes have been so successful that they have been able to use communication practices to enhance customer service, citizen input, and performance measurement.

    The integration of communication and business strategies at Seattle Public Utilities has been so successful that the synergies are influencing organizational structure. Seattle Public Utilities is undergoing an organizational change that looks a lot like the user-structured web site—customer service is paramount, with individual customer services being the main organization scheme.

    As Anita Salem has written, “When a client so values the communicative needs of its audience that it becomes infused in the structure of the organization, we know that we’re doing our job.” APCC therefore recognizes Seattle Public Utilities by adding them to the “Honor Roll of Excellence” for their commitment to communication-driven information design.

  4. A fourth acknowledgment this year goes to Janet Cherry, recognizing her service as APCC president for two years, 2001-2002. As always, our presidents are valued for their leadership and facilitation skills. We appreciate the time and energy they devote to the association.

In recognition of their dedication to clear communication,
APCC sends kudos to all of its winners for 2005.

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