Code of Ethics

“The Association of Professional Communication Consultants is dedicated to the education and professional development of its members. As professional communication consultants, we must promote the highest standard of ethics in dealing with clients, other consultants, and the global community in which we live and work.”

Members of the Association of Professional Communication Consultants have an obligation to maintain these standards of ethical conduct. In recognition of this obligation, members agree to abide by the following code of ethics in providing consulting services.

  1. The consultant agrees to strive always for the highest standards of service in all dealings with clients and their employees.
  2. In promoting consulting services to prospective clients, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Represent all experience, education, and services honestly and accurately;
    b. Describe accurately the services being offered;
    c. Honestly represent professional qualifications and affiliations;

  3. In conducting training, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Provide instruction only in those areas in which the consultant is well qualified;
    b. Base instructional techniques on the best and most recent research and informed opinion;
    c. Strive to meet the specific needs of both the participants and the client organization.

  4. In dealing with materials prepared by participants or the client company in a consulting program, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Consider all materials participants provide to be confidential;
    b. Request and receive written permission before using any participant materials outside the consulting situation, and then protect the anonymity of the client organization and of the specific individuals unless given prior permission to disclose those names.

  5. In dealing with intellectual property in all forms, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Observe all relevant national and international laws, legal precedents, and best practices;
    b. In particular, avoid illegal or uncredited use, in presentations and publications, of others’ materials.

  6. In creating materials for a client, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Provide clear, concise, readable copy which meets the needs of both client and intended readers;
    b. Write copy in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and professional standards;
    c. Be rigorously honest and accurate in representation of products or services when writing sales or promotional materials for any client;
    d. Advise the client when written materials and practices of the client are not consistent with the ethical standards of the professional community.

  7. In relating to other communication consultants, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Encourage a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie within the APCC community;
    b. Maintain the highest integrity in obtaining prospective client lists and in contacting them;
    c. Give only honest and accurate references for other consultants, or none at all;
    d. Compete openly and fairly for consulting work and clients.

  8. If affiliated with an educational institution, the consultant agrees to —

    a. Meet all obligations to the educational institution and to the students of the institution;
    b. Meet the terms of any contract signed with the educational institution as they apply to consulting work;
    c. Use facilities and supplies of the educational institution for consulting work only if the institution approves of such use and is adequately recompensed for it;
    d. Avoid conflicts of interest and advise the client and the institution of any potential conflict.

Revised April 2008

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